In our gracious settings Christian Science nurses are ministering to the spiritual well-being of the guests 24 hours a day. The Settings have well-appointed light-filled guest rooms, each with private bathroom and shower. The spacious living rooms provide for group reading of the Christian Science Bible Lesson, Wednesday testimony meetings, hymn sings and other activities as well as the opportunity for individual prayer and reflection. Smart TVs in the living rooms provide connection to the internet for access to JSH-Online, media content from The Mother Church and Bible study websites. Wifi is provided in every setting for guests to use their own electronic devices.

The Christian Science nursing settings are located within the Soul-filled natural landscape of beautiful trees, lawns and perennial planting beds. The settings have patios that provide guests with the opportunity to enjoy the surrounding beauty. Each setting has its own individual character.



Rose and Ivy cottages are warm and welcoming. The guest rooms are located off a central space with a natural gas fireplace and wooden vaulted ceilings.


Juniper and Holly   offer lots of space and privacy. Holly is on the first floor and Juniper is on the second floor of one of our newest thoughtfully designed, purpose-built settings.


Cedar provides many separate communal spaces for different activities. The guest rooms are either single open plan rooms or suites with adjacent bedroom and living area. The perimeter doors of Cedar are electronically locked at all times for the safety and well-being of the guests.


Willow offers a simple, clean design. The guest rooms are spacious and filled with natural light from large windows.