Discovering the Bible’s Hymnal, Masterpiece, Wisdom: Psalms, Job, Proverbs, & Parables

A Tenacre Discovery workshop by Barry Huff, Ph.D.

Explore the spiritual significance of the genres, structure, and imagery of the Bible’s hymnal, Psalms. Wrestle with vital questions and theological breakthroughs in the Bible’s literary masterpiece, Job. Revel in the wisdom of Proverbs. Discover new insights into the reign of God through Jesus’s astonishing parables.

Dr. Barry R. Huff is a Religion Professor, and has been teaching biblical studies courses for a decade. Biblical studies was the focus of his master’s degrees from Eden Theological Seminary and Columbia Theological Seminary and of his Ph.D. with distinction from Union Presbyterian Seminary. This Discovery workshop features Barry’s areas of expertise, since the book of Job was the topic of his master’s thesis, Ph.D. dissertation, and four of his Society of Biblical Literature papers. He has also taken graduate courses on Psalms from the authors of the New Interpreter’s Bible and Old Testament Library commentaries.



Saturday, August 25, 2018

9 a.m.- 4 p.m.

Tenacre Chapel, Princeton, NJ


This Discovery workshop is Free of charge

Lunch is $7.50

Registration is required and is due by August 18th

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“Christian Science Nurse”: A Manual By-Law for Every Member

This workshop explores the foundational ideas and qualities that find expression in Christian Science nursing, based on the Manual By-Law,  “Christian Science Nurse” (Article VIII Sec. 31).

We are happy to provide complimentary workshops in full- or half-day formats at branch churches and societies.

The following workshop will be offered on the Tenacre campus. The workshop and lunch are complimentary.

Join us to discover more about how the spirit of this Manual By-Law enlarges and supports your practice of Christian Science — right where you are.

You may call 609-279-2335 or 800-626-9155 or email


Saturday, July 21 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Applications due by Friday, July 13, 2018

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We are happy to provide complimentary workshops in full or half-day formats at branch churches and societies.