Are you interested in joining our staff and actively participating in the mission of Tenacre?

Our mission is “to cherish and demonstrate the truths of Christian Science and to apply these truths to every aspect of living and working together.

Each staff member brings his or her own understanding and practice of Christian Science in fulfillment of this mission and watches his unique ministry blossom and bless within the whole.


Employment Opportunities:

Christian Science Nurse
Buildings and Grounds Gardening Coordinator


Internship opportunities:

The following are internship opportunities for summer 2018. All internships require an employment application and are due March 15. Internships range from three weeks to the entire summer, depending on department.

Christian Science Nursing Internship
Communications Department Internship
Business Office Internship

To Apply:

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Christian Science Nurse

“Beloved children, the world has need of you…” (Miscellaneous Writings pg. 110)

We would love to hear from Christian Science nurses who are interested in being part of Tenacre’s healing ministry.

Opportunities include:
• Christian Science nurse mentors/Instructors
• Experienced Christian Science nurses
• Those with an active developing practice

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Buildings and Grounds Gardening Coordinator

Tenacre is looking for a Gardening Coordinator who loves to serve and work with others, including landscape contractors, by applying horticultural knowledge and ability in inspecting and maintaining Tenacre’s 95 acres of beautiful landscapes and gardens.

• Integrity and ethics for making right decisions and maintaining highest ethical standards
• Attention to detail to efficiently accomplish tasks related to multiple priorities
• Team player who works cooperatively with others toward a shared goal

Essential duties include:
• Balancing active caring for grounds with overseeing of contractors, temporary seasonal workers and Buildings and Grounds staff
• Reporting to Building and Grounds Manager to coordinate and prioritize needs and follow through on delegated tasks and projects
• Completing daily horticultural tasks in all four seasons, which includes crawling in confined spaces, climbing ladders, working on roofs, and safely lifting up to 50 pounds
• Skillfully operating power equipment common to gardening and landscaping trades
• Walking or driving Tenacre carts safely around property in all weather conditions
• Assisting with Maintenance and Office teams in winter months
• Consulting and providing input with the Landscape Design Team

Education and/or Experience and Licenses
• Fluent in English
• High school diploma or general education degree (GED)
• Minimum of 5 years supervisory experience preferably in direct supervision of landscaping, gardening or grounds crews
• Horticultural diploma, degree, certification or equivalent, strongly preferred
• State issued driver’s license

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Christian Science Nursing Internship

This internship (3 to 12 weeks) is a gentle introduction to Christian Science nursing in action, to forward its healing purpose. As a member of our Activities team in coordination with Christian Science Nursing Services, you participate in this healing ministry by interacting with our guests through your inspired spiritual sense, in a variety of ways including:

Duties, Responsibilities and Competencies
• Bringing spiritual reassurance and joy
• Reading aloud
• Companioning with guests at mealtime, and in activities such as arts and crafts, hymn sings, Church services, and trips off property
• Helping to plan and organize activities
• Observing Christian Science nurse Assistants and Christian Science nurses in their ministries
• Meeting with those in management positions in the Christian Science Nursing and other departments

It begins with a two-day class along with one to two days of orientation by a Christian Science nurse mentor.

• Membership in The First Church of Christ, Scientist
• Regular attendance at Sunday School or church
• High school diploma or equivalent
• Demonstrated ability to read, write and speak English

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Communications Department Internship

The Communications Team provides a variety of technical services and support for Tenacre. Every day is different and, as an intern, you bring your own inspired spiritual sense to the day’s work. Areas of service may include any of the following:

• Responding to daily service calls helping computer users solve their technical challenges
• Editing videos for our website
• Providing audio and video support at live events
• Updating our WordPress website
• Setting up and installing computers
• Working with camera equipment for departmental projects

• Technical skills in computer support
• Technical skills in video editing and production
• Willingness to learn

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Business Office Internship

The Business Office is looking for a college student that would love to learn the role of spiritual thinking in the business world. You will be an active contributor and member of the Business Office team, focusing on learning and supporting Tenacre’s daily business operations, including various aspects of financial and investment reporting. Specific aspects include:

• Prayerfully supporting the daily activities of Tenacre
• Assisting with account reconciliations and month-end financial reports
• Helping with annual audit preparations
• Being a part of formulating new reports for Board of Trustees and management

• Strong skills with Microsoft Office, especially Excel and graphing
• Great communication skills
• Attention to detail
• Ability to work independently

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